Zümrüt Moreau gives Turkish lessons by FSI Method

Zümrüt Moreau

After Hasan Ali Yücel Primary School, she graduated from Galatasaray Lisesi in 1978. When she was 16 she spent one year in Washinton, U.S.A as an exchange student. At 19, she entered the Technical University of Istanbul where she earned her degree in Business Engeneering in 1983. She lived in France between 1986-1995. She graduated from “Institut d’Administration des Entreprises” where she received her M.B.A. diploma. Back to Turkey, she worked as an accountant and financial analyst.

Her interest in teaching started very early and she taught English accounting to college students. Her mother Mualla Atlamaz was a Turkish teacher for 35 years. Ms. Atlamaz trained at the Foreign Service Institute where she learned the F.S.I. method used to teach Turkish to American diplomatic staff. When she came back from United States she taught at the American Consulate and at Turkish American University Association. She has written a teaching methods book based on these years of experience.

Zümrüt Moreau learned this FSI method from her mother and taught Turkish between 1983-1986 to many students from various nations. In 1998 she obtained a teaching certificate from Technical University of Yıldız in Istanbul. She taught English in primary school and accounting, computer and English in a Turkish high school.

Zümrüt Moreau gives Turkish lessons since 2009 to foreign persons wishing to learn for professional reasons or for their personal interests. .She experienced teaching to many students  from a lot of  countries. Zümrüt Moreau speaks English and French fluently.